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Week of April 10

QVegas 240410

Whether you’re a local or tourist, we always feature our favorite spots along with all the new and exciting things our city has to offer.

This month, QVegas celebrates two decades as a cornerstone of LGBTQ+ media in Las Vegas, charting an impressive journey of growth, resilience, and community engagement. Part of the lineage of LGBTQ+ publications dating back to 1978, QVegas transitioned from The Bugle in 2004, and has continued to evolve, meeting the digital age's demands while preserving a platform for diverse voices.

This milestone underscores QVegas's commitment to innovation and its pivotal role in amplifying LGBTQ+ narratives, reflecting on its past achievements with an eye towards a hopeful future.

As the stewards of the QVegas brand for the past 12 years, we thank our readers, our advertisers, our community partners, our friends, and our families for their continued support.

QVegas Guide Distribution

QVegas Guide Distribution

All the places you can pick up a copy of the QVegas Guide to Las Vegas

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