Horoscopes Are A Drag™

Honey, "Horoscopes Are A Drag" on QVegas is your go-to for that sparkle of cosmic tea, served hot and fabulous, straight from the stars with a glittering twist. Each week, we're spilling the celestial secrets for every zodiac sign, so you can strut your stuff with the stars aligning just right. It's astrology with sass, glam, and a dash of drag magic, making your cosmic journey as dazzling as a drag queen's wardrobe. For your weekly dose of star-studded advice, click your heels and head over every week, darling!


Honey, pull up a seat because Mama is about to spill the celestial tea for all you fierce Aries folks! For the week of April 14th, 2024, the universe is serving you some major energy, darling. You better werk because confidence is your best accessory this week. Show them how it's done—bold and unapologetic, just how we like it. But hold up, queen, don't let that ego skyrocket to the moon! Stay grounded and remember, shade is for the sun, not for friends. Keep that heart as big as your hair, and you'll conquer the world. So, sashay away from drama, strike a pose for success, and let the world gag on your elegance, poise, and power. You got this, diva!


Alright, darling, listen up 'cause the universe has some tea to spill for you. For the week of April 14, 2024, Taurus, you're in for a ride, honey! You better strap on those high heels because the stars are aligning to push you into the spotlight. The cosmos is serving you a cocktail of opportunities and sweet moments, so sashay away from that comfort zone. You've got the power, charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent this week, so own it, werk it, and let the universe gag on your eleganza. Remember, don’t let anyone dull your sparkle. Shine bright like the diamond you are and snatch success, 'cause you're about to serve some serious cosmic realness, babes! 💅🌟💫


Alright darlings, if you're a glamorous Gemini stepping into the week of April 14th, 2024, get ready to sashay your way through, honey! The universe is about to serve you some serious cosmic realness. It's time to glitter up your life because opportunity is knocking in heels! Whether it's in love, career, or your personal glow-up, you better werk and embrace the fabulous energy coming your way. Remember, you're a star, so let that unique light of yours shine, baby! Werk it, own it, and remember – don't let anyone dull your sparkle. Mwah!


Honey, let me tell you what's in store for you fabulous Cancerians the week of April 14th, 2024. The stars are spillin' the tea, and you're about to have a week that's fiercer than a death drop at a ball, darling. Expect the universe to be serving some major opportunities on a silver platter, so you better werq! But listen up, doll, don't let your emotions run wilder than a backstage drama. Keep that gorgeous head cool, and your responses snatched. Get ready to strut into your problems like they're the main stage because, by the end of the week, you'll be sashaying away with victory. Trust and believe, baby!


Oh, honey, let me lay it down for you! As the stars sashay into place, my fabulous Leos, you are about to embark on a journey more dazzling than a sequin gown under the spotlight. This week starting April 14th, 2024, is your moment. The universe is sending you all the good juju, so you better werk! Opportunities are gonna pop up like glitter bombs. Be bold, be fierce, and strut into your destiny. Remember, it's your show, and the world is your runway. Now, go out there and sparkle, darling! Mwah!


Darlings, for this week starting the 14th of April, 2024, all you Virgo divas are in for a treat! The stars are sashaying in your favor, giving you that extra sparkle in your step! You're about to serve some fierce energy in all you do, honey. Whether it's work, love, or your dazzling social life, you better werk because the universe is your runway. Confidence is your best accessory, so slap it on and strut into your week like the superstar you are. Tens, tens, tens across the board for you, babe! 💅✨


Oh, honey! Let me spill the cosmic tea for you, darling Libras, for the week starting April 14th, 2024. You are about to sashay away into a week of glamour, balance, and some serious decision-making, okay? Heaven is sending you all the good vibes, making it the perfect time to twirl into the spotlight and showcase your fabulousness. But remember, queens, balance is key – don't forget to share that stage and throw some sparkle on those around you too. You're going to navigate this week with grace and a touch of sass, turning challenges into your runway of triumph. So, put on those heels, adjust that crown, and let the world gag on your elegance. You've got this, and the stars are here for it!


Alright, honies, gather 'round, 'cause Mama's got the tea on Scorpio for the week of April 14th, 2024, and it is piping! This week, you're serving major vibes, Scorpios. The universe is like your own personal runway, and you better werk! It's all about confidence, charisma, and a little bit of cheek. Embrace that inner diva, turn the world into your stage, and sashay away any negativity. Opportunities are popping up like sequins on a drag queen's gown, so snap 'em up. Remember, darlings, when life throws shade, you throw glitter. Keep those stingers sharp, but always with love. Mwah!


Honey, you better strap on those fabulous heels because this week is about to serve you a cosmic cocktail with a twist, Sagittarius, darling! Starting April 14th, 2024, the universe is practically begging you to sashay away from that comfort zone and twirl into the spotlight. It's your time to shine, sweetie! Embrace every opportunity like it’s the runway at the grand finale. Love, career, health? You're snatching trophies in every category, boo. But remember, keep it classy, keep it sassy and most importantly, keep it you. Mwah!


Honey, listen up! For all my fabulous Capricorn divas out there, the week starting April 14th, 2024, is gonna be one glitzy rollercoaster! Get ready to sparkle, darling, because the stars are lining up to serve you some serious celestial eleganza. You'll be strutting into the spotlight, facing every challenge with a fierce sashay. Love, wealth, and maybe a dash of drama are on the menu, so pucker up, throw on that crown, and remember: you are EVERYTHING. Keep it sickening, and let the universe gag on your excellence! 💋✨


Alright, darlings, listen up 'cause this here's the cosmic tea for all you fabulous Aquarius folks for the week of April 14th, 2024. Honey, the universe is about to spill some serious glitter on your world, making every day a runway worthy of your strut. But don't just sashay away - you gotta werk it, because opportunities in love, work, and play are voguing right toward you. Don’t let the shade throw you off, sweetie. Keep those heels high, your head higher, and remember, in the grand ballroom of life, you're always a star. So, grab that spotlight and let the world gag on your elegance, poise, and unstoppable charisma. Now, go forth and be fabulous, my Aquarius queens and kings!


Oh honey, let me spill the celestial tea for you! This week, starting April 14, 2024, all you fabulous Pisces fishies are in for a whirlwind of glam and drama! The stars are aligning to put a spotlight on your fabulous self, so don't be afraid to sashay away from negativity and werk it like the queen you are. Relationships? They're about to get as spicy as a telenovela, so keep that fan handy because you might need to cool off. Meanwhile, at the workplace, it's your time to shine, darling. Don't let those office fuddy-duddies dim your sparkle. Embrace your inner diva, because this week, you're 100% that fish!